Industrial Equipment and Supplies For A Successful Business

Hi, my name is Trevor Hamblin and I have written this blog about industrial equipment and supplies. It's very important that business owners keep the necessary supplies and equipment on hand to run their operation efficiently. I became interested in industrial equipment and supplies after talking with my neighbor who owns his own business. I never realized how many different supplies were needed to run a business until he explained it to me. After we spoke, I started doing some research on my own and found out a lot more information. Since I believe this is important advice that every business owner should know, I wanted to write a blog about it. I hope that after learning about the industrial equipment and supplies that are needed, you'll also have a better understanding of all that's required.

Air Compressor Options That Work Best For Industrial Applications


If you just need compressed air for your garage, it is one thing, but if you need compressed air to power air tools, machinery, and even spray systems, you will have to go with a larger model that is capable of handling these heavy-duty tasks. While there are a multitude of different air compressors available, there are only a select few that work best for industrial applications and are actually go-to units for industrial business owners. Here are a few of the most common questions about finding the best air compressor for an industrial setting with greater compressed air needs. 

What types of air compressors are most often used in industrial settings?

There are a handful of certain air compressor types that are used most often in industrial applications because these machines are designed to handle heavier use and provide more power on demand. Some of the most common industrial air compressor types include: 

  • rotary screw air compressors
  • rotary lobe air compressors
  • two-stage reciprocating air compressors
  • rocking piston air compressors

What are some features to look for in a good industrial air compressor?

There are of course general features you should be looking for in an industrial air compressor for your business setting. Three of the important features to consider are:

  1. air capacity of the unit compared to your needs
  2. fuel logicality for your business setting 
  3. size of the unit compared to available space

However, it is best to make a detailed list of what it is you need from an air compressor and take this along with you when you shop for a new model. By knowing your needs, a sales rep can help you track down the model that will be most efficient for you and your business. 

Is it a good idea to buy a used industrial air compressor for business use?

Because industrial air compressors can be higher priced than basic models, it is perfectly natural to look for ways to cut costs, and buying a used unit is one way to do just that. Before you do, however, make sure the air compressor has been well maintained throughout its lifespan and is in good shape. Otherwise, you could be investing a hefty sum, only to have to make a new investment soon after. 

In the end, the type of air compressor you choose for your business could make all the difference in overall production. If you would like more information about industrial air compressors, contact an air compressor sales and service center for further advice, or check out websites like


4 May 2017