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Features To Look For In Commercial-Grade Work Lights For Your Machining Shop


In a machining shop, every process that takes place must be absolutely precise. Therefore, the professionals in the shop must have absolute visibility of their tools and materials while they work. If you are the owner of a machining shop, it is critical that you have top-of-the-line commercial-grade work lights in place that your employees can rely on to keep things illuminated properly.

Picking out the best commercial-grade lights for your shop can be a tough challenge, but it really doesn't have to be hard. Take a look at some of the features to look for when investing in commercial-grade work lights for your machining shop. 

Look for lights that have some level of portability or adjustability. 

When a worker in the machine shop is in the process of creating or building, they will need a light that is maneuverable to some extent so they can get the brightest light pointed directly toward whatever it is they need to see. Picking up lights that are portable or adjustable to some degree is a good thing to do. You can find freestanding work lights that can be moved around freely, or you can find mounted lights that have adjustable light beams that can be aimed and pointed in different directions. 

Look for lights that have a rugged exterior casing for protection. 

In a machine shop, sparks can fly, bits of metal can go airborne, and even high temperatures can fill the atmosphere and put the lights in the building in danger. Whatever work lights you pick for your shop, make sure they have a nice, rugged exterior casing for protection of the light. There are few things that can compromise a machining project worse than suddenly losing light because a metal fragment, high wave of heat, or spark caused damage to a light bulb. 

Look for lights that utilize efficient bulbs and offer maximum lumen output. 

It is always good to keep energy efficiency in mind with electronics, and certain bulbs help work lights consume as little energy as possible. Even though this is a great thing, some lights are high-efficiency and do not provide a lot of lumen output. Instead of shopping specifically based on efficiency or energy consumption, make sure the lights you consider are highly efficient and offer a high level of lumen output so you get the best of both worlds and not just one benefit or the other. 


10 October 2018