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Helpful Tips For Using Concrete Wire Mesh When Pouring Concrete


For pretty much anyone who works in the concrete pouring industry, it's important to know a little something about using concrete wire mesh. If you are looking for advice about using concrete wire mesh while working in the concrete industry, then you will probably find this advice to be helpful.

Understand Why You Should Often Use Concrete Wire Mesh

Concrete wire mesh is ideal for use when pouring concrete because it provides additional support. Since the quality of the concrete surfaces that you pour is probably important both to you and your customers, this is a good reason to use concrete wire mesh. Basically, when concrete wire mesh is added during the concrete pouring process, it helps you ensure that the concrete will be able to handle weight and that concrete will stand the test of time. Plus, you will probably like working with concrete wire mesh because of the fact that it's affordable, relatively light in weight, and fairly easy to use.

Use the Right Type of Concrete Wire Mesh

You might know that you should use wire mesh when you are pouring concrete, but you might not understand the importance of using the right type of wire mesh. You will probably want to buy your wire mesh from a company that sells supplies that are designed to be used in the concrete industry. You'll want to make sure that the wire mesh is made from a metal that can be mixed with concrete without any issues.

Put it Down at the Right Time

If you are new to using wire mesh when pouring concrete, one thing that you might not be sure of is when you should add the wire mesh. Typically, the wire mesh should be spread out before the concrete is poured. Then, the wire mesh can provide great stability, but it will be completely covered by concrete and will not be visible.

Bring the Right Tools

Of course, you will need to be able to cut the wire mesh to the appropriate size, and you might not know what size that is until you are on the job site. Therefore, you should make sure that you bring along a good set of pliers so that you can use them to cut the wire mesh when you need to.

Know When to Use Rebar Instead

It's true that wire mesh can generally be used for concrete pouring projects and that it's usually pretty effective for providing added stability. However, there are times when you will need something a little stronger, such as if you need to make sure that the concrete is reinforced well enough to hold large amounts of weight. In these types of situations, you will need to make use of rebar. If you learn about using both wire mesh and rebar, depending on the situation, then you will always be able to pour concrete that will be reliable and long-lasting.


20 July 2021