A Guide To Buying And Using Heated Hoses


When you are looking to keep your industrial work at its best, you'll owe it to yourself to purchase equipment that can serve you. You'll need to look into the help of professionals that can sell you this equipment at a great price, learn the ideal equipment to purchase and find some ways to take care of it. A heated hose is one of the best investments you can make into your industrial work.

11 September 2017

Renting A Dumpster For Your Restaurant: Four Things To Consider


When it comes to trash removal for your restaurant, you want to make sure that you have a dumpster that can accommodate the amount of waste your business produces and that your trash is securely stored away until it is picked up. Securing your trash can help you to keep the area around your restaurant sanitary, but you'll want to make the proper arrangements for your dumpster. Here are some things to consider as you look for a dumpster rental service.

24 May 2017

Three Rubber Seal Mistakes That Can Shorten The Life Of Your Equipment


If you maintain any type of small engine or pneumatic piece of equipment, then chances are you are well acquainted with the frustration of a failed rubber seal. When these seals fail fluids or air escape, often rendering the equipment useless or leading to a more involved repair. Avoiding the following mistakes can help you avoid a failed seal. #1: Using the wrong cleaning fluid Cleaning your equipment typically helps it run more smoothly and prolongs its life, but there are times when a cleaning can lead to trouble.

18 May 2017

Air Compressor Options That Work Best For Industrial Applications


If you just need compressed air for your garage, it is one thing, but if you need compressed air to power air tools, machinery, and even spray systems, you will have to go with a larger model that is capable of handling these heavy-duty tasks. While there are a multitude of different air compressors available, there are only a select few that work best for industrial applications and are actually go-to units for industrial business owners.

4 May 2017

Hot Grease Doesn't Help: New Restaurant Owners Should Be Aware Of How Grease Interacts With Equipment


No matter where you look, you'll see advice to avoid putting fatty or greasy materials down sink drains. Unfortunately, the continued appearance of this advice implies that people aren't listening. One compromise people try to make is to put hot grease (or grease softened by hot water) down drains, particularly in large commercial kitchen setups where washing dishes quickly is essential to the kitchen continuing to operate. However, if you're a new kitchen manager or restaurant owner, keep an eagle eye on your workers and instruct them to wipe off grease first, because hot grease is just as bad for your facility's drain equipment as is cold grease.

26 April 2017

A Guide To Getting Your Hands On Construction Equipment


When you need to handle a construction project, bringing in quality construction equipment will be helpful to you. There are many companies that can help you land the quality equipment that will help you build, renovate, demolish and handle any other sort of construction that you require. In order to make this happen, read on and use these guidelines in order to reach out to professionals who can serve you and allow you to get the best end result.

25 April 2017

Answers To 4 Of The Most Common Asked Questions About A Septic Tank Installation


If you live in or are preparing to build in a rural area, chances are there will be septic tank installed, or you will need to plan for a septic tank install. Septic systems are typically made up of two parts; the septic tank itself and a leaching field. The septic system is responsible for storing and treating sewage and greywater from your home before releasing it back into the surrounding environment.

24 April 2017

Want to Make Bulk Storage Easy? Keep These Accessories on Hand


Bulk bins provide the ability to store mass quantities of whatever you need. However, the weight of a full bin can be quite heavy, and trying to move the bin can be dangerous if you do it incorrectly. There's also an additional risk of theft that stems from the fact that in a bulk bin, you're not counting individual items. However, all that can be solved by having the right accessories on hand.

12 April 2017

Open Your Dry Cleaning Business For Less Expense


If you are opening a dry cleaning business then you may want to do all you can to minimize your expenses. There are many things you can do to cut down the cost of opening that business and you can learn about a few of them in this article. Shop around for the right location You want to make sure you have a location that is visible to many people, so you should go for a location that's on a main street.

11 April 2017

Life Support At Home: How To Make It Happen


If your spouse has opted for end-of-life care at home, you will undoubtedly have several adjustments to make, especially once your spouse is on life support. If you are not quite to the point where your spouse needs life support but you both know that you want to be at home until the very end, it can be done. It does take extra money, and some health insurance programs and Medicare generally do not cover this.

4 April 2017